Useful Forms for Older Girl Scouts

Because the leaders of Troop 757 believe strongly in Girl/Adult Partnership and developing girls' skills, we want them to track their own progress. To do this, when a girl joins Troop 757 we give her a binder which has an front outer pocket. In that pocket, we put a page with her name and the troop number. We use a fancy font and green paper. Inside, we place a set of index dividers, the troop camping equipment list and the latest troop roster. From there, it's up to her how to organize. As she begins on a recognition, either on her own or with the troop, we give her the appropriate form. Most girls keep everything in the binder. It works quite well. We do not have forms for the Senior Girl Scout Challenge, Careers to Explore or either Leadership pin. Our Council has a required Gold Award training and provides a booklet to each girl. Leadership logs are easy to do, on paper, on computer or in a calendar.

You are welcome to either print them out or download the source file. All I ask in return is that you change the troop number. If you print them, you can do it by whiteout or a label. If you download, I believe that most editors (aka word processors) will allow you to convert them from HTML to that editor's format. You may get some burps on the table spacing. If you download, you can customize to your own needs and change the troop number. If all else fails, contact me for help.

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Last updated September 15, 2000